marvellous miniature machines made to order

Prosecco dispensers, beer pumps, freezers, sampling…we can do it all

Prosecco dispenser & glass-fronted fridge
Prosecco dispenser & glass-fronted fridge
Citroen van with twin-font Prosecco dispenser
Chevrolet step van with water-cooled draft Budweiser (11-gallon keg)
Beach hut themed Citroen
H van pick-up with candy floss machine
Point of sale shelving and glass fronted fridge
Land Rover with wood burner for coffee sampling
H van cab
Tear drop bicycle caravan
Miniature motorcycle
Small H van for point of sale duties
Little H van with twin font beer key keg dispenser
Bedford ice cream van with chest freezer
Merchandise stalls for ABBA Voyage event
Driveable H van with gas griddle
Pick ‘n Mix point of sale
‘Cut-in-half’ Airstream trailer with freezer and refrigerated cocktail dispener
Citroen with gas griddle
Land Rover fire engine BBQ and drinks tower
Beach hut themed H van
‘Cut-in-half’ Citroen H van bar
Fully refrigerated draft beer system
Airstream trailer with chest freezer and Prosecco dispenser
‘Russian doll’ commission
Little Citroen fitted with two glass-fronted fridges and YETI ice box
‘Cut in half’ Citroen & Airstream trailer equipped with chest freezer and refrigerated draft beer dispenser
Modular system – comes apart for easy transport and storage. See FAQ page for more info
Tuk Tuk with refrigerated cocktail dispenser
Citroen with bench seating
Citroen dog kennel
Series 2 Land Rover with wood burner stove
Airstream bicycle trailer with cool box
Citroen fire engine with chest frezer
Lindr twin-font refrigerated drink dispenser
Miniature Rudge motorcycle
Twin-font Lindr refrigerated drinks system
Miniature Velocette motorcycle
Miniature Harley Davidson motorcycle with 80cc engine