How big are the vans?

The little Citroen H vans measure around 80cm wide by 118cm tall and 2 metres long, but everything is built to order so the size of the van is up to you. If space is an issue, I can supply a modular design that you can dismantle for transport and storage. Another option is to have a ‘cut-in-half’ design.

Most designs can be supplied ‘cut-in-half’ like this Airstream

Are they waterproof?

They can be made from steel so that they’re entirely weatherproof, but that makes them much heavier…most people opt for a design that’s suitable for use under cover. Let me know how you plan to use your little van or trailer and I can advise.

What’s the modular design version?

It’s a type of van that comes apart to make it easier to transport and store. This is a very flexible system – lots of options to choose from.

Are the little vans powered?

I have built vans that have electric motors that allow them to be driven, but mostly they’re commissioned as miniature catering trucks, point-of-sale props or bars. They can run on caster wheels to make them easy to manoeuvre or simply have legs…it all depends on how you plan to use them.

In terms of powering catering equipment etc. you can either run them off mains power or use a small generator. Certain items can be powered by a car battery and inverter…just tell me what you have in mind and I can let you know the options.


You’re welcome to pick up your commission yourself, but we can also deliver

What’s the design process?

It’s pretty simple. You let me know what you have in mind and between the two of us we come up with a design. I’m always happy to sketch out ideas to help bring ideas to life.

What equipment can you fit?

Almost anything. I’ve fitted numerous types of refrigerated drinks systems, fridges, freezers, gas griddles, pizza ovens, wood-burning stoves, candy floss machines etc

How do I serve Prosecco?

If you want to serve cold Prosecco or ready mixed cocktails I recommend the brand Lindr…a twin font model that can deliver 80 litres of chilled drink per hour costs around £1000.

Lindr twin-font drinks dispenser

How much do the vans weigh?

They vary depending on size and specification.

How do I transport the vans?

Most of them will need a trailer or van…the modular designs that can be dismantled for storage can fit in a smaller vehicle.

How long does it take to have a van delivered?

A few weeks to a couple of months – depends on the time of year.